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Medicine Info

Medicus is a digital medical library that provide features of comparing the medicines online.

Chat and connect with your peers

Medicus, an app that has launched various portals which work..

Patient Management

Medicus, along with other facilities that it provides, has come up with…

Medicine Feedback

The 21st century has seen an evolution in all aspects where technology…

Webinars and Video Conferences

In today’s business world, taking advantage of new opportunities requires…

Medicus App Features

1. Connect to Pharma Company in One Step.

2. Check Medicine availability in your place.

3. As required you can Request for a sample.

4. Be a part of CSR Activity.

5. Compare Medicine with price/ ingredients / diseases.

6. Gain Latest updates on Medical News (News Feed / Global News).

7. Check Company Profile (i.e. Drug License / GMP/ WHO-GMP documents).

8. Share articles/thesis about their specialization (On News Feed).

9. Second Opinion (On News Feed).

10. Patient Management with calendar schedule feature.

11. Job Opportunities (On News Feed)

12. Round Table Conference.

13. Connect to peers.

14. Go Live (Webinar).

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