Patient Management

Medicus, along with other facilities that it provides, has come up with an online portal that connects doctors with a digital database enabling them and medical health personnel to keep a record of the individual cases they come across. This initiative proves to be very helpful as digitalization is at its peak because it promises quick & easy access to information which is both accurate and secure. Neither the patients nor the doctors have to undergo the taxing process of record keeping and maintaining it.

You will be amazed to find out that this is not where it ends as this portal is also doctor-friendly. In today’s world where many rely on specialist’s opinion, it is essential to provide the same to a patient who is paranoid and anxious, as empathy is a must for a good doctor. This portal provides a platform for all the doctors to come together. Thus, they can easily consult each other on the matter of patient care and health information or to solve any patient query outside their field of specialization. It will also help them to cut down on time and refer the patient to the desired doctor.

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