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Medicus is a technology-driven platform that brings together various stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India namely doctors and pharmaceutical companies for the betterment of patient care.
Working in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry that is worth close to $24 Billion and an addressable market size of close to $1.5 Billion, Medicus is on the path to revolutionize the Doctor – Pharma Connect in India.
With the team having  20+ years of experience in the healthcare and technology industry,

We Are Medicus And This Is What We Do


Doctors can connect in one step with the Pharma Companies to know more about any medicine and give feedback. Also stay updated on the advancements in the medical field through our various features.

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Medical Associations has been formed to gather specialised doctors from all over country in one forum. Associations can manage all their yearly activities be it meeting, CME or sharing any info with their members through our platform.

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Pharma Company

Pharma companies can create their brand awareness and reachability among doctors.

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NGO’s can connect in one step with  doctors as per their requirement to get support for organised health camps.

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Doctors from 29 states and 18054 pin codes are using our platform to be updated about the advancements in the medical field and connecting with their peers to discuss live cases



Doctors from various Specializations are using our platform to connect


Pharma Companies

Pharma companies are using our platform as a 24*7 digital MR to increase their brand visibility


  1. Doctors can directly check the availability of your products if they want to prescribe your products to their patients in their nearby areas after connecting and discussing with you.
  2. Since you’re directly connected with doctors, you can brand the richness of your products and provide the sample products if there is a request for sample.
  3. We also have new MBBS passed doctors in our platform as well where your products can be branded more.
  4. You can take the doctor’s opinion and discuss with them in case of a requirement in one step.
  5. You can also inform doctors about any CSR activity you are going to conduct to make them a part of your social activity.
  6. We also have NGOs on our platform. You can connect with your preferred NGOs and provide medicines in bulk to them if there is a requirement.
  7. You can also hire doctors if they are interested in any of your vacancies through this platform directly.


  • The Medicus App

    The Medicus App - an extremely powerful app for doctors — uses the convenience of technology to make lives easy for doctors.

  • Financial Assistance for Healthcare

    Medicus aims to provide a complete suite of services for doctors. Keeping that in mind we bring out Financial Assistance to doctors which will help them to connect with professionals who will assist them with financial related services.

  • Introducing Domestic Medical Tourism

    Introducing Domestic Medical Tourism for the first time on our Application where doctors can avail this facility to refer patients to another city in emergency cases to receive better medical, dental, surgical and cancer care from top doctors and hospitals for improved and enhanced access to treatment and affordability.

  • Medicus - The Digital solution to MR

    Medicus App acts as a Digital Virtual MR which bridges the gap between Doctors and Pharma companies.

  • Medicus-Connect Feature

    Enjoy connecting with 120+ Pharma Companies with 10000+ products from all over India. So download the Medicus App now!

  • Medicus - Digital Profile

    Creating your digital profile will increase your credibility amongst your peers.

  • Medicus - Patient Management Feature

    Medicus, along with other facilities that it provides, has come up with an online portal that connects doctors with a digital database enabling them and medical health personnel to keep a record of the individual cases they come across.

  • Medicus- Inner Glance

    Medicus is a technology-driven platform that brings together various stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India namely doctors and pharmaceutical companies for the betterment of patient care.

Now Re-engineering Indian Healthcare 2.0



Achievement / 27 Sep 2019

Award for fastest growth and traction by JITO. Medicus~Now reengineering Indian Healthcare 2.0

Our Offerings

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Request Sample

Technology is developing and so as the medical world. Get introduced with this following feature to get the newest products and request a sample of your choice from your choiceable industry:

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