16 Nov 2018

The cancer that is the 6th common for men and 17th common for women is the bladder cancer.The cancer is first observed when the lining of the bladder gets damaged and people commonly have the first sign as blood in urine. Other symptoms include frequent urination, urgent bowel movements, incontinence, and pain in the abdominal and lower back areas. The bladder cancer is classified as transitional, squamous, and adenocarcinoma cancer.  The causes are majorly family history, genetic mutations, lifestyle, age, culture, smoking, working in harmful chemical industries, etc. Treatments for stage 0 are namely the transurethral resection (TURBT), immunotherapy with Bacille-Calmette Guerin (BCG), intravesical treatments, and along with chemotherapy and other removal surgeries.


Bladder Cancer is a cancer arising from tissues of Urinary Bladder with symptoms including painless blood in the urine or frequent and painful urination. Smoking is a major cause along with exposure to industrial chemicals or dyes. Drinking water containing arsenic also increases the risk. On an average fewer than a million cases are observed per year in India. It is the tenth most common cancer in the world. There are almost 550,000 new cases in 2018 worldwide. The early stages could be treated with Surgery, Cystectomy, Intravesical therapy, Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy. Early treatments are often much beneficial.

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