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Disease Blogs / 12 Jul 2018

Cervical cancer affects the cervical cells which are at the lower most portion o

Disease Blogs / 23 Nov 2018

Liver cancers are the most 5th most common type for men and 9th most common for

Disease Blogs / 16 Aug 2018

It is a very rare but aggressive type of cancer. Its symptoms generally includes

Drug Blogs / 18 Nov 2018

The study made by German drug maker Bayer and Finland’s Orion resulted in a dr

Disease Blogs / 23 Nov 2018

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has published a rece

Disease Blogs / 22 Nov 2018

The most common type of lung cancer is non- small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The

Disease Blogs / 30 Nov 2018

According to 2018 statistics, 164,690 men are affected by prostate cancer diseas

Disease Blogs / 30 Nov 2018

It is often difficult to detect as the initial stage of this cancer show no symp

Disease Blogs / 02 Dec 2018

Colorectal cancer or colon cancer is the type of melanoma that begins in the lar

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