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The 21st century has seen an evolution in all aspects where technology has not only evolved as a separate field but also has made its place in all specialities. This thoughtful initiative by Medicus aims at optimum use of technology to uplift medical science in all the ways it can.

Medicus has one-stop source for hundreds of lists containing pharmaceuticals companies contact details and addresses from which doctors can connect with pharma companies. It is common practise where in the pharmaceuticals companies hire the middleman to promote and sell their drugs to the doctors who would then prescribe it to the patients. This service by Medicus provides a link between manufacturers and the doctors where the manufacturers just have to registered or upload their company’s name along with the list of drugs they manufactured. This will be visible to all the interested doctors who are then free to choose their service providers.

There is a feedback feature where the doctors can mention their heart felt opinion about the drugs as well as response of patients towards it. This would help the pharmaceuticals companies to improvise and provide better facilities which will be more patient friendly. Thereby raising the standards of medical science throughout the country.

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