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Medicus envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of healthcare, and helps doctors, patients, manufacturers and distributors make it a reality. Thus, provides a portal by which medical news is provided on a regular or continuous basis for onward distribution or broadcasting.

Doctors generally have an innate need to remain abreast with medical news feed. Through this portal, doctors can gain access to latest medical news and information on upcoming seminars. Along with this, doctors can discuss their clinical challenges and crowd source the answers in a 24/7 moderated environment. Doctors can have the benefit of sharing their cases (detail: X-rays, blood reports) where the other doctors can give their opinions.

Medicus will be the only medical news app for all the doctors to keep themselves up to date on new medicines, industry trends, and share opinion and cases.

Access Up-to-Date Healthcare News, peer opinions and a lot more from across the globe

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