A technical, 24*7 digi-medical platform to connect the doctors from all over PAN India and bring them all in one forum in one step. Our motive is to understand their pain points, rectify and resolve them. Established in 2016, to bridge the gap that existed in the medium of communication between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, Medicus has reached amazing heights by becoming the 3rd most trending medical app in India. A social media platform made exclusively for doctors with a strength of 40,000+ doctors and nearly 18,000+ pin codes at present, Medicus is providing an insight with all the information on medicines, connecting doctors and pharma companies in one step. Updated with daily and global news, we keep upgrading our app with new technologies and facilities. We at Medicus always work towards enhancing our innovative digitalized platform for our registered partners like Doctors or Medical Associations across India.



Medical Associations has been formed to gather specialised doctors from all over country in one forum to promote and provide better health related facilities to public health. Doctors experience and enhance their skills all together by participating in various social activities, research works, case study discussions, knowledge sharing on advancement of technologies and other numerous medical pursuits.


“Healthcare industry of India has been ranked 145th in the global list in terms of quality and accessibility of health…”



What could be the possible reasons for India to lag behind other countries in terms of health maintenance?

  1. Lack of second opinion sources in tier-2 and tier-3 cities whenever required
  2. Medical errors due to lack of communication between doctors, primary care physicians and subspecialty consultants
  3. Unavailability of generic, patented and branded drugs.
  4. 405 fixed-dose combination (FDC) drugs in total were banned in India in Jan 2019 as they were unsafe to consume and considered harmful for consumers because there were high chances of drug interactions and adverse events.


  1. Lack of knowledge sharing between doctors, pharmaceutical companies, local government lobby and hospitals.


How Medicus can be beneficial in filling these loopholes?

  1. Using this platform, doctors can easily connect with other doctors in one step and can utilize this facility to get a second opinion in their cases, to discuss on medicines / treatments and its availability.
  2. We can reach out to the areas where there is a shortage of equipment / supplies through our registered pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers.
  3. Medicus can communicate with local government bodies.


Role of Association in Medicus?

As this platform has been built up for doctors and there is no better source of doctors other than a medical association, it would be an honour for us to have your esteemed doctors on this forum. By this, we can all conspire together to help and try to overcome these drawbacks.



  1. WEBINAR / ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE / GO LIVE – Subject matter discussion can be done together online irrespective of the location with as many as possible doctors at a time.*


  1. CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) ACTIVITY – Doctors can connect with Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to conduct a source of activity / workshops / camps in the nearby localities.


  1. DOMESTIC MEDICAL TOURISM – Doctors can avail this facility to refer patients to another city to receive better medical, dental and surgical care for improved and enhanced access to treatment and affordability.


  1. LEGAL COMPLIANCE – Doctors can use this section for law related queries / concerns.


  1. HOSPITALS – Hospitals too are soon going to be a part of Medicus. We are on a mission to bring technology based solutions to whole healthcare industry by introducing this feature as “One Step Emergency Connect” wherein family doctors can help and recommend their patients to a hospital near to patient’s locality with just a click in case of an emergency to get early treatment.


STAR FEATURE OF HOSPITALS – There will be a facility of ambulance pick-up service from home to destined hospital if required. Also, one of our executive will be in charge of taking care of the concerned patient and help to fix in the appointment.*

Doctor features

s shape medicus


– Connect with doctors in one step.
– Connect with pharma companies in one step.
– Connect with other Associations in one step.
– Connect with NGO’s in one step,
– Connect with Government Body (upcoming)



– Gain the latest updates on Medical News
(News Feed/Global health news)
– Be up to date about other association events across India.



– Know more about any pharma company by just viewing their profile
– Compare Medicines with price/ingredients/
– Do not have knowledge about products availability in your area. No worries use “Check availability” feature.
– Request a sample.


Features for Association

– Group Chat.
– Share documents, Videos, webinar etc.
– Increase your reach across India.
– Store info on the secured cloud-based system.
– Data analysis.
– Customization.


All Backend Work

– Track all of your backend work in one click.


CSR Activity

– Request a pharma company to conduct a CSR
activity in your area.


Support CMS Activity

– Connect to the CMS team and conduct an Activity.


One Platform

– When doctors are associated with 3-4 associations this platform helps them to be connected with all of them with one step.


Government Body

– Your suggestions will be shared with the government body as an anonymous person. (upcoming)

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