30 Apr 2019

A sudden flow of electrical activity in the brain is called seizures (epilepsy). This condition has beginning stage, middle stage, and an end. It can change the behaviour, mood, and consciousness of a person. There are two types of this condition. One is ‘Focal seizure’ and the other is ‘Generalized seizures’. Focal seizure affect particular parts of the brain. During Focal seizures, a person will be affected both physically and emotionally. During generalized or Tonic-Clonic seizures, the body stiffens, jerks, shakes, and the patient will lose consciousness. It will last up to 1-3 minutes. Before an episode of it, the person feels confused, sleepy and weak. The Diazepam is the injection which is usually given to the person affected by the condition. When a person has a long duration of any seizure, then the patient should be given injection by drips. Vitamin B6 is suitable for childhood epilepsy. It can trigger due to lack of sleep, alcohol withdrawal, tiredness, stress, and depression.

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