Herb to cure Alzheimer’s

25 Mar 2019

Herb called ‘Yerba santa’ dubbed as holy herb in Spanish has been used to cure diseases and ailments like fever, headaches, wounds, sores and rheumatism. The scientists think they may have discovered yet another ailment Yerba santa which has the potential to treat: Alzheimer’s disease. This herb is said to have an anti-inflammatory molecule called Sterubin which was known about but was ignored. The anti-inflammatory action is called microglia. Moreover, this chemical has iron removal properties, which can help in preventing the damage of cells which causes most neurological diseases. A screening technique was used by scientists in New York on Yerba santa and Sterubin was found to be the most active chemical. The researchers now plan to test sterubin in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease. After that, they’ll set out to determine the compound’s toxicity levels in animals and other characteristics.

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