Hindbrain Of CNS

05 Apr 2019

The Hindbrain is from the Greek word ‘Rhombencephalon’. The medulla oblongata of the hindbrain is located inside the skull and above the spinal cord. The medulla controls the body’s key functions like heart rate, sneezing, coughing, respiration and salivation. The cranial nerves connect the skin and muscles of the head to the internal organs of the brain. Drugs like cocaine and opiates affect the medulla region when taken in heavy doses and might result in death also. Above the medulla region is called as Pons. The part of the Pons has the connecting tracts called ‘cells’ which involves in transmitting information between the cerebrum and the cerebellum. The third region of the hindbrain has the Purkinje cells and Granule cells. Purkinje cells are larger neurons which will help in coordinating the motor activity. The granule cells are comparatively the smaller cells. Thus, it acts as the pathway for the fore and midbrains.

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