Medicus will be supporting hospitals, clinics and nursing homes which want to open operations to improve local care. Medicus will connect them with professionals who have expertise to support them with compliance management. Our team envisions to make quality healthcare available everywhere in India.

Hospitals located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities require correct guidance to have a smooth business operation. We will create the list for licenses which they may have to procure in order to start operations, and connect with the concerned professionals who will help them do the same.

Compliance management is ensuring that policies and procedures are followed in accordance to their set up. Medicus can manage all aspects of your compliance initiatives in one easy and simple step. Conflict of interest, comprehension of policies and training, and risk assessment are just a few areas where compliance is needed in business.

Our scope of work and deliverables that we visualize are

  • Identify the segment for content creation (across 25-30 categories to start with).
  • Design the approach for content creation for target segment, to understand it in simplified manner.
    • Structuring the content in collaboration with your organization which meets the policy guidelines and current industry scenario and are in best interest of target segment.
    • Identification of possible solution / arrangement through all manner so that a better understanding with facts can be provided to target segment
  • Content will be a detailed analysis of past judgement or in-progress cases (across the medical segment by high court and above for 30 cases to start with) so that similar issues can be taken care off during professional practice
  • Periodically addition of the content for regular engagement purpose
  • To perform any other role that may be mutually agreed in writing.
Legal support in compliance management

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