Machine that Revives Discarded Organs

27 Nov 2019

Machines that preserve organs for transplant are being frequently used in Tamil Nadu. These machines, even though have reduced the discard rate and increased the quality of the organ, it has pushed up the transplanting cost. A new device, OrganOx, has been reportedly able to store and repair organs for a longer period by providing it with warm oxygenated blood, nutrients and anti-clotting drugs. In one case of liver failure, the hospital authorities would have rejected an organ if it wasn’t for this new technology. They were informed that the transplant organ was rejected by other hospitals and considered unusable because of getting severely fatty. Nonetheless, they used the device OrganOx and the liver was made fit again for transplant. The patient was discharged and was reported to be fit. The device also can store an organ for 24 hours compared to 10 hours in normal storage.

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