Midbrain Of Central Nervous System

05 Apr 2019

The midbrain is the middle portion of the brain also stated to be Mesencephalon. Present in the roof of the midbrain is the Tectum. The tectum is divided into two sections; they are superior colliculus and inferior colliculus. The colliculi control the movements of our sensors to the external organs. The eye movements are controlled by the cranial nerves inside the midbrain. The visual system is controlled by the superior colliculus whereas the auditory system is controlled by the inferior colliculus. The Tegmentum or the rug of the midbrain is located below the tectum.  The tegmentum has the dopamine nucleus called the Substantia Nigra. The movement disorder in depletion of dopamine in substansia nigra is called as Parkinson’s disease. The reduction in dopamine slows down the voluntary movements, causes muscle tremors, expressionless face, and peculiar posture. The neurons that connect the cerebral hemisphere to the cerebellum is called as Crus Cerebri which is located within the midbrain.

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