Nervous System Diagnosis

09 Apr 2019

Some nervous system diseases have unclear causes unlike others. It is very difficult to detect and diagnose disorders due to the fact that nerves are very delicate and intricately placed inside the body. A number of different systems for diagnosis of nervous system disorders have been developed due to advancement in the technological arena. Newly developed machines are increasingly being used in hospitals, health care centers and laboratories for the efficient and foolproof detection of diseases which cannot be detected through check up or tests. These new methods of diagnosis includes CT scans, electroencephalograms, Magnetic Resonance Imaging tests, PET scans, Ultrasound and Neurosonography. Most of these methods require heavy machinery which use wave theory to develop a picture of the interior of the body for correct diagnosis and anomaly detection, if any. These machines are a boon and act as catalysts towards medical progress.

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