07 Dec 2018

Estimation of Ovarian cancer states that approximately 22,240 new cases will be diagnosed and about 14,070 deaths might occur in the US. Ovarian cancer is said to be affecting any of the two ovaries of the female which has the eggs in it. It can be seen either as ovarian epithelial or as germ cell or sex cord-stromal tumors. The causes may be acquired or inherited from genetic mutations, family history, DNA mutations and endometriosis.  The early symptoms are pain in lower back, frequent or urgent need for urination, constipation, Changes of bowel movements, increased abdominal girth, general tiredness or low energy, and pelvic pain and pressure in the abdominal areas. Treatments include local treatments like surgery and radiation therapy along with systematic methods like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and other protocols for common approaches.

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