Parts Of The Central Nervous System (CNS)

01 Apr 2019

The brain and spinal cord in combination constructs Central Nervous System. Brain takes the key role to control all the body parts. Memory, thoughts, speech and movements, all depends upon the brain. The spinal cord is connected with the brain as Brainstem. A significant part of the CNS is the area of neurons and the communication of billions of neurons depends on the brain and spinal cord. The Cerebrum with right and left Hemispheres is the largest part of the brain which controls all the activities of our body. The right hemisphere controls the movements of left parts of the body and vice versa. Each Hemisphere is divided into four lobes. The front part of the brain is frontal lobe which is responsible for voluntary actions. The parietal lobes are located in the back side of the frontal lobe. This will control senses like pain, taste, and touch. The two sides of the brain have the temporal lobes which takes responsibility for our memory. The back of the brain is occipital lobe. They receive and process visual information.

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