Medicus is an app to connect with doctors which provide technology and tools to help doctors stay connected with manufacturers. Our technology portal allows manufacturers to discover and establish synergies with doctors and can have physical or online meeting as well. The use of technology is designed to empower doctors to express their views and request for demos, MRs, samples, clinical trials regarding a certain product. No matter where doctors are, they can always be connected to the manufacturers.

An efficient one-one private and secure feedback channel will be set up where manufacturers will get direct medical feedback from doctors. Most of time feedbacks passed are not authentic. To avoid unadulterated and false feedback, Medicus will help manufacturers get access to authentic and true feedback. In essence, we endeavour to keep improving Medicus platform with newer tools and technology to help you manage conveniently.

Product image will help doctors recognise the medicine and remain on top of mind of the doctors.
Provide product price for doctors to see and compare it with other products
Provide Side effects of the medicine so that doctors are fully aware about the medicine and its side effects which will help them in prescribing it to the patients.
It will help doctors know in which dosage form particular medicine is dispensed.
Give full description of the medicine for doctors to know what are the ingredients and for which diseases it can be used.
Brochure will help doctors know your product portfolio.
It will help doctors know your products better and they will also come to know in what condition the medicines are manufactured. This will increase your credibility.
Manufacturers can send out the push notification on daily basis to let doctors know about their product and promote them.
Manufacturers can promote their product via push notification, Article, Audio, Video etc. on Medicus App pin code wise/ City wise/ State wise/ Specialization wise.
Update the Manufacturer’s profile properly (Registration Number, Drug license, GMP, WGMP, Video, Turnover, Most selling product, strong presence in which state etc.) to let the doctors know about you in detail. It will also increase the credibility of your company.

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