15 Jul 2019


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden death of a perfectly fine and healthy baby who is barely a year old. It happens usually while sleeping due to unclear reasons. It is also known as crib death or cot death since the infant often dies while sleeping in their crib. As per the research, scientists have informed that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome might happen due to defects in a particular region of the brain which regulates and controls breathing and awakening from sleep.


  • Physical factors like brain defects, low birth weight and respiratory infections
  • Inborn health issues
  • Sleeping patterns like
    • Sleeping on stomach
    • Sleeping in a very high temperature environment


  • Genetics
  • Mother’s health resulting in inadequate prenatal care
  • Family history
  • Low birth weight
  • Alcohol and tobacco abuse by mother


  • For baby –
    • Make baby sleep on back
    • Compulsorily breastfeed infant for the initial 6 months
    • Try to keep crib free of toys, pillows
    • Soft bedding
    • Maintain normal room temperature
    • Immunize the baby on routinely manner
  • For mother –
    • Proper care during natal period / pregnancy
    • Avoid alcohol, smoking and drug consumption during pregnancy
    • Stay healthy and fit majorly before, during and after pregnancy


  • The estimation shows that 10% of the babies worldwide dies due to this condition.
  • Infant boys are more prone to get affected and die than girl infants.

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