Teen Fibromyalgia treatment

26 Apr 2019

Teen Fibromyalgia can now be treated by using multidisciplinary approach and inculcating neuromuscular training tips from the field of sports medicine. A new research suggests that this effective method boosts confidence and reduces disability. A program called Teen Fibromyalgia Integrative Training for Teens plans to incorporate conventional components of psychotherapy and exercises along with biochemical assessment for treatment. This assessment consists of three dimensional motion capture and virtual reality. Patients with fibromyalgia are usually scared of movement. They do not trust their body and even when they are advised to exercise, they lead a sedentary lifestyle. Constant efforts are being made to improve movement competence among patients while avoiding post-exercise muscle soreness. An experiment is being conducted with patients of Fibromyalgia which concludes in 2022. That is when this theory will actually be testified.

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