09 Dec 2018

A surgery team from the All India Institute ofMedical Sciences (AIIMS)  headed by Dr. Dharmendra Dugar, performed a surgery and removed a thorn from a ruptured intestine. He stated that the 45-year-old patient Thanwar Patel had reported of a severe abdomen pain so the scan report of his abdomen was taken, and it showed that the intestine was ruptured but the cause could not be identified from diagnosis report. As the rupture was there, the doctors immediately gave him antibiotics, saline and other needed medicines to stable his blood pressure. On November 29, the patient underwent an abdominal surgery to find the cause of the intestine rupture. During the operation, doctors were shocked to find L-shaped thorn stuck in the end of small intestine. The patient swallowed the thorn by mistake and the patient was stable after the thorn removal.

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