01 May 2019

A type of brain disorder which is caused because of lack of thiamine in the brain and occur as the following two types – Wernickes Korsakoffs syndrome. Alcoholism being the main cause causes double vision, loss of muscle coordination, and confused mental state with some violent behaviors. The affected person has difficulty in putting words into texts. The Wernickes Korsakoffs syndrome is diagnosed by an alcoholism test. The doctor starts with checking the liver functions as the damage in the liver is the first sign of this syndrome. Immediate action should be taken and the patient should be hospitalized. The treatment includes increasing the levels of Vitamin B1 intravenously in arm, mouth and also during the treatment.  In very rare cases, the deficiency of vitamin B1 gives a negative reaction which includes agitation, hallucination, seating and mood swings. Death is the result if untreated or wrongly treated. Most of the deaths happen due to lung infection or brain damage.

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