ZIM Laboratories – Oral Thin Films Driving the next wave of growth

09 May 2019

The entry of Oral Thin Films in the Nutraceutical market can help solve the adherence problem faced by the nutraceutical sector by making it easier for the customer to ingest them. Oral Films which dissolve when coming into contact with saliva are a much more convenient alternative to conventional drug delivery systems as they don’t require water or other paraphernalia such as glasses, spoons etc to be administered.

They are also lower in the number of excipients, reducing load of excipients on the body by about 70% as compared to traditional oral medication. This leads to a reduction in the size of doses, likelihood of overdoses and side effects. The adoption of thin films as a drug delivery mechanism is making nutraceuticals safe, portable and easier to administer.

The improved taste-masking technology of oral thin films is also a major plus as it helps mask the bitterness of active ingredients allowing nutraceutical manufacturers to create different flavors of the same product to bring in variety and help make it more palatable and marketable to end customers.

Looking to leverage new drug delivery systems for your nutraceutical product?

Zimlabs is one of the leading innovators in the Oral Thin Films space with their proprietary Thinoral® technology. They have 24 Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) approvals and enjoys widespread adoption in the Nutraceutical and Pharma industry. Drugs manufactured on the Thinoral® platform are exported to 25+ countries across the globe.

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