Webinars And Video Conferences

In today’s business world, taking advantage of new opportunities requires agility, scalability and innovation. Webinars have never had a more important role in commercial world than they do today. Attending a webinar is anytime convenient as there is a massive reduction in travel time and cost.

Medicus provides a digital platform for all the manufacturers to host webinar for doctors so that they can reach out to a millions of doctors in just one go. All that manufacturers will have to do is to spread the word about the medical seminars online via our amazing newsfeed and once the traction is created they can start the online seminar and doctors from all across the country can view it. This can potentially increase the manufacturer’s profitability simply from the comfort of their desk.

With Medicus, the manufacturer will have two options, either do a live seminar (just like Facebook live) or else upload a pre-recorded seminar and doctors can view them at their leisure.

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